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Best thrift store 1.Attic NightClub Dresses UK treasures/assistance league of atlanta(Chamblee) You say, treasures thrift store in chamblee is the best kept secret around.Friendly volunteer staff, great Bridesmaid Dresses UK merchandise, and weekly special sales.All proceeds go back into the community to help children and adults in need. I a thrift store junky for sure, when i score, it has a profound affect on my being and i hooked.There are many good ones, but it seems like one has the best clothes, one has the best furniture or the best housewares.And the location is not that important either.Even though it been kinda slow these days, i have scored legiondary finds, how appropriate, at the step up society on monroe and ponce.Rumor has it one patron scored a painting and sold it for $25,000.00!Love it!I shop a whole lot of thrift stores and i have to say for a great selection having four children, value village definitely gets my vote.I been in goodwill stores and i got to dig and nothing is clearly marked.I feel if anyone wants great prices in an organized environment i would strongly suggest value village!Let not for get that once a month sale they have where just about about everything is half off!I mean wow half off the already well priced merchandise, you just can go wrong!The best thrift store is value village, especially the one in riverdale.I find new items all the time for $2.29$4.59.That store in particular is the lowest priced one of all the value villages, i think it because of the income of the area, but i don care.I drive over 20 miles to go to that store. My family always ask where do i get my clothing, and when i tell them, they don believe me.I don think that it a secret anymore though, as when i look a the Prom Dresses 2013 tags in the parking lot, it from all over metro atlanta.Honestly, goodwill is where i have found my best name brand items for cheap.I agree goodwill could do better with their pricing but i have found michael kors, guess, banana republic, jos.A bank and many other name brands sometime at half off of the goodwill price so that is like pennies on the original price.My favorite thrift store is the bargin shop on main street in east point. (I like to look at the racks with the clothing sorted by colors and the rainbow effect! )American thrift on canton hwy has rock bottom prices and some good finds tucked in there.But they have more actual garbage on their shelves.Stuff like plastic cups from fast food restaurants. (Really! )Goodwill has a slightly higher standard for their merchandise i think.

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