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5 things to do last week The well at jordan farm is officially opening for the growing season on saturday.And when they couldn have picked a better weathered weekend.Their meals are prepared from locally sourced food whenever possible and diners can eat at picnic tables out in the jordans shoes 2014 open on the farm(Those dining platforms are first come, first delivered).Their open 5 9 pm wednesday and then all season long! Fmi:The well at jordan farm on facebook.Com You will have a screening of big lebowski, that specific.But this isn your grandma film assessment.The audience is asked shoes: to dress in costume(Bring your bob buscemi eyes)And yell out a common lines.Halloween attire contest and white russians.And half priced tickets for people that arrive in bathrobes(But only if tickets can be found! ).3.Manage this:Wolfe neck farm spring happening Mass media herald file photo Wolfe neck farm spring competition 10 am 2 pm wednesday $6/person or $20/family Wolfe Neck Farm, Freeport Explore the trails and get up close and private with the animals at wolfe neck farm.You will have music, manifestations, golf gaming Air Jordan 2 programs, and plenty of distractions for the children, like childrens kids items, a hay bin, and vehicles to climb.

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