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Inbred Cheap Tiffany Jewellery rednecks Stuck between other sub Cheap Tiffany Rings rosa studios horror titles like the sandman, ice from the sun and shatter dead, i fully expected inbred rednecks to be a bad-Taste backwoods cannibal tale in the tradition of the hills have eyes.Much to my surprise, it turned out to be a lighthearted hillbilly comedy with a penchant for toilet humor far short of the farrelly brothers' big studio releases.Shot in and around north carolina towns like barnardsville and weaverville, inbred rednecks is for the most part built around billy bob tweed(Brent ponder)And his buddies who are seeking fame and fortune via the cock fighting circuit.Billy bob has bred a gigantic mutant cock he's dubbed"Big ass rooster"By his own method of down-Home gene splicing(The details are as disgusting as you'd imagine).His dream is to defeat local champion monty(Steve lewis)And his prize fighter demon.The barely-Glimpsed big ass is so frightening that demon takes one look at him and commits suicide! From there, it's one successful bout after another, bringing billy bob more riches and rooster groupies than he's ever dreamed of.However, monty has been plotting his revenge, turning chicken thief one night to cock-Nap big ass.This results in a quest to recover the mutant bird in the big city of knoxville, tennessee("Wow-Black people! "). Of course, the cock fighting story is only the central theme running through a rambling collection of sub-Plots, satires, and old jokes illustrated.Billy bob's pal clovis(Joshua warren)And his attempts to get a major romance going with fast-Food cutie tiffany leigh linebaugh could almost be a feature in itself.Along the way, there's ufos, state fair vomit rides, bar fights, scalping, an escaped lab monkey with the ecoli virus, and a million dollar nut sack. At a whopping 137 minutes, it's almost too much nonsense to take in.Despite the film's many technical faults, for the most part it's an entertaining show, especially considering the great deals on uk zero budget and inexperience of the crew. The dvd features a commentary track with warren and a few of his crew that actually delays the start of the feature by several minutes.Sub rosa is new to the dvd field, and their inexperience shows through-One major gaff is the fact that choosing the commentrak via the dvd menu stops play, so stick with your remote to change tracks.Once you've found it, you'll find the recording noisy and tough to sit through.More of a chat about the shoot than an analysis, warren only now and then manages to drop a tidbit of interesting information, such as the fact that the shooting ratio was near 1:1 throughout. More to the point is"Joshua p.Warren's guide to low budget filmmaking,"A six-Minute on-Camera lecture.Warren, known in north carolina as a paranormal investigator, actually gives quite a bit of incredibly sound advice-Not only for low budget filmmakers, but for all filmmakers.Some of his knowledge he came by the hard way, and he's up front about the faults of his feature. There's also a half hour section of warren's odds ends, with outtakes, bloopers, and interviews with the cast and crew.It may just be that i got a flawed copy, but most of this footage has the sound running out of synch.Toward the end, the image erupts in some major digital glitches while the sound track drops out entirely.

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