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Jobless deals on tiffany charms claims creep Tiffany Sets up During-- --Discuss all the business headlines at this hour is matt pesto co host a break out onOur partner yahoo!Finance--Always great to--You. -- --Partner so let's start out with a weekly jobless claims which came out at about 8:30 this morning numbers cameAndit 362000.That's--Up. 8000 from last weekWhat'sYourTake on --Should--Be making anything of it. --Absolutely-- even takingUp every ThursdayUp --Now.Right we're goingTobe in the trench digging downTome but they yet i tracking down or were at a four--Loved--Take.Mean these things don't fall--Straight line but if--You know if we see a streak of a few weeks in a row of these weekly claimsThatthey tendTobe vulnerable they tendToget revised. ButYou know we're still in the neighborhood we definitely wantTogetTothe next level --Before becomes.Tradable vance andThatis goingTobe down in the 325To300000 level but we're still.You know for all intentsAndpurposes right in the neighborhood --About 350.Still near a four year low as well.Of course we've got a monthly jobs report coming out tomorrow andThatcould be a big dealWhat are we expecting at this point well.The consensus estimate is for just over 200000 but there-- some estimates they goUpTo250000. It's always interestingNow --Seven-- --People-- low price --Look at the private payrolls only because the government is actually shrinking itself back down again soThatprivate number could--275000.Private sector jobs added.What won't change--Economists get it right will be the unemployment rate which is forecastTostay stable at--Point 3% so.You know --However even.You know do the mathToget toThatnumberYou wantToseeThatnumber going down but it's going to.Probably a little more--Call we had a nice.Almost full percentage point decline inThatunemployment rate but again the job creation expectedToalso get a little more choppy.Anda little moreYou know --Shift a little-- OK let'sToEuropeNow we've got a lot going on their first --Reese.Has until tomorrow morningTofinalize its debt reduction plan he's been talking about this throughout the week doesn't look anywhere likely at this pointThatthe proposal is goingTopass. It doesYou know GreeceIs the wordno question about it once again we've been held ignore this story aboutWhat we're seeing over there is --Little drip by--Reports in terms ofWhat percentage of bondholders.Are willingToaccept this hair--This second round. Of of a beating ifYou will on the debt the bondsThatthey own from Greece. The last figure I saw wasUpTo60%. Which basically meansThatifYou are -- --Losing.This the--Tough because if the majority. Does voteToswap the bonds then pushYou get taking all the bombs go whetherYou wantToor not so it looks like it'sGonna go throw. --The european central bank and--To position the unexpected has left its key interest rate on change--At a record low 1%What's the implication there.Well itTome it saysThatthey're confidentThatthey're progressingThatthey don't needToadd.Any more stimulus or help the market in any way by lowering borrowing costs are doing other things--That they at least in their opinion for the short term.Our.You know putting their stock putting their confidence in other programs.That-- issuing the biggest one the thingThatreally got stocks going recently wasThatlow cost. Borrowing planThatLT RO isWhat it was known asThatthey gaveTodozens.Of european banks allowed themToborrow money really cheap.For three years.Ok switching gears here we have a lot of news about apple of course yesterday the company launched its latest-- --And today. We're learning I believe this report from the Wall Street JournalThatthe feds are accusing the company of collusion with five. Publishers are packingUp books right how big of a deal is best. Well it'sYou knowYou never wantTotangle with the Justice Department it's a distraction forWhat apple really does. I was surprisedTosee Stephanie looked itUp a good day the American publishers association -- --Institution. TheThatthey.Apple will do over a 150 billion dollars this year they're ebooks business while growing fat ass.Is minisculeAndinconsequential.To--It is a distraction but they're being sued all the time--All kinds accords all over the world.So i wouldn't really.More about it as an apple investor as a consumer. It might be good becauseYou know the probable outcome is just settle which would.Bring the price of books. -- asked forThatnew iPad --What everybody really wantsTobe --AboutWhat does this do for apple in the tablet marketAndhow was wall street reacting.What wall street likes it--A couple of gradesAndmostly positive commentary i just couldn't-- in a personal basis I'd click remorseYou know I watch say tune in ifYou will on the web siteTowatch Tim Cook who was --Out thereAndit out so much of the information so much of that.Products advances.Andimprovements ifYou -- were leaked in advanceThatI was like --Man.You know they gotten into the tentAndthey left feeling --And--What.Where is--Anti climactic yeah.That'sit so well is open for like an apple TV -- becauseYour writingsAndby the timeThatyeah actually spoke we knew a lot of the details are ready right were. Right right andYou know PA EDYou don't --Todraw parallelsTo-- delayed Steve Jobs butYou know jobs always had had a a rabbitTopull out of the hat soTospeak.Thatsaid the stock is doing --It didn't sell off on the news yesterday as-- -- --Frenetic finish more or less flat on the day.Andthey say -- someUpgrades on their todayWhat will this new iPad 24 already dominant position in the tablet marketplace where it has about a 60% market share it will.Probably solidify.It least in the near term they lowered the price. OnThatthe antique iPadThatformer wide funnel like the one year old wine yeah.It's obsolete. So the prices gone down thereWhatTomake -- stiffer but again the 60% market share the remaining 40% there's no competitorThathas more than a 5% slice there so apple is dominatingAndwill continueTodo so it's a good price with a lot of good features in this edition of the new faster Internet service for G. --Is good from a device standpoint but--Gonna. Pose challenges again for the service providers the ATAndhorizons of the world.Outfits-- -- price I meanThat'sa pretty expensive tabletAndspeaking of competition Michael Dell. Revealed yesterdayThathis company is planning a new tabletTolaunch in tandem with windows eight is this somethingThat-- shakeUp the tablet market. YesYou know eventually gets -- windows eight comes outYou know this isWhat it's supposedly the business tablet.Because business is enterprise. Customers ifYou will still prefer -- use Microsoft because they can useAndon.All their systems it-- -- soYou know I meanThat'sa marketThat'sreally are on tap for the tablets so far. ButYou know we're seeing moreAndmore interest.Andmore more acceptance ofOur iphones by corporate I T departments.Andtablets.Etc.Andespecially as the price comes down -- weYou knowYou mentioned the textbook thing.That'sgoingTobe putting more tablets in the school soThatsort of anotherInstitutional enterprise market so. Yeah I mean it'sYou know it's not -- --Andcertainly notGonna be the undoing of the iPad and.Saving--You're watching today Matt.Well i mean--The number-- --Just watch in the stock market go hire her again the united--Is the word--Interest thing but.You know we we -- --You know pretty rocky week here but again confidence. Is in this marketplaceAndfrustration I talked about a probably a week or so ago. InThatwe've had such a good runUp we hadn't had.That1% selloff since late in December so we had it OK we move on we bought the market right backUp again there's still a lot of money.ThatwantsToget inAndbuy stocksThatat a lower priceThatthey missed the first time around soThat'sfor giving us some lift here andThatof course in this -- --For the big jobs number coming out tomorrow. All right Matt nasty fromOur.Thatnext step fromOur partner Yahoo!Financethanks a lot agri CF terrorists.

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